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Why you need a Whiteboard Animation Video more than ever!

Whiteboard animation is becoming more and more popular in business because of its capability to showcase every piece of information clearly and transparently. Whiteboard animation is a style of video designed to look like the content is hand-drawn on a school whiteboard or white background, giving it an educational look.

Whiteboard animation videos are compelling tools for explanatory videos as it breaks down intricate pieces of information into simpler ones, making it easier and quicker to understand. The simple graphics are fun, engaging and curiosity builders, enabling the viewer to watch the video till the end.

Whiteboard Animation videos are a fantastic means to engage your internet visitor. They also work great if you want to add a little bit of humour or fun, to make your video more entertaining and amusing.

When compared with conventional talking head videos, whiteboard animation has been proven to increase viewer retention by 15%. Isn’t that great! Also, these videos increase the viewer’s willingness to share by more than 65%. Imagine what that could mean for your business!

The benefits of whiteboard animations –

1) Increase Traffic & Conversion Rates

2) They’re versatile. Whiteboard animations are suitable for any topic from educational videos to marketing content.

3) Easy to Understand, Professional results, and Cost Effective

4) Compatibility with new-age device and is engaging & interesting

5) It is easy to consume. Be it students, potential leads or small audience, anyone and everyone can consume it.

Who are whiteboard animations for?

● Sales people and marketers

● Students

● Educators

● HR and internal communications teams

What makes Whiteboard Animation Videos better than other forms of video making?

Guiding tools – Whiteboard animation videos are great guiding tools as it reveals the information step-by-step. The educational look provides it makes it look more credible. Its simplicity is what makes it different from any other form of video making, as it makes the whole learning process fun and more natural.

Interactive and Rewarding – When the viewer sees the video, it is in the form of a story being drawn by a hand. These increases connect and interactivity is built.

Along the course of the video, the viewer is receiving new pieces of information slowly and gradually and not all at once, making the video seem rewarding. The viewer feels that he is learning and acquiring new pieces of information while watching the video.

Holds the attention of the viewer – As the whiteboard animation videos are short and crisp, they do not let the viewer lose interest or get distracted. The step-by-step information revealing process keeps the viewer interested in the video throughout.

When and where to use whiteboard animation?

To introduce a topic: if you want to launch a new initiative, product or subject, whiteboard animation can help. The combination of movement, audio and visuals grab attention and keep viewers engaged throughout.

To explain an idea: whiteboard animations are particularly useful tools to solve even the most complex topics. You can use visual metaphors and infographics to help your audience process the information in terms they already understand.

To summarize information: because it’s much easier to retain information from a whiteboard animation, they make the perfect plenary or revision materials. Take the key points and turn them into a short but impactful video.

To persuade: since whiteboard animations tend to have simpler designs, your message can shine and not get lost amongst stylized graphics.

It’s easy to see why whiteboard animation has developed its genre within the corporate video scene. It’s quite unlike anything else out there and has a visual flavour all its own. Understanding the deeper reasons behind its visual and story appeal helps us develop more engaging content, sharper writing and evolving visual practices for wider future audiences without suffering the stale fate of video fads of the past.

Other effective type of videos include Explainer Videos, 2D Animations, Infographics and Interactive videos.

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Video Marketing

How Product Videos Are Driving Sales For eCommerce!

Who can forget the overnight success of HP during the Diwali season when it had launched an emotional video that touched people’s hearts emotionally leading to an extensive sale of its products.

This is the kind of impact product videos can have on eCommerce for driving sales!

The beauty of product videos is that they help generate confidence in the customer’s buying decisions. As a product video gives a demonstrative visual tool of your product or service, it makes it very convenient for the customers to get to know about each and every aspect of it virtually without actually visiting the store.

The motive behind these videos is just to humanise a virtual experience by becoming more interactive and engaging with the audience. Undoubtedly, with an eCommerce business, using professional videos to drive sales becomes a must.There are several videos that you can think of creating and through that, flourish your business such as –

Product explainer videos – To demonstrate and explain the working and use of your product and give a brief overview of it.

Testimonial videos – The videos talk about the experience of your past buyers with the product in a positive way to basically inculcate the trust of your audience

Storytelling videos – These videos test your creativity as through them you narrate the story behind your idea of selling the product, the challenges faced by you, what future do you see for yourself, and similar discussion topics. Story-telling videos are a great tool to form an emotional connection with your buyers. Here is one example, how we, Anemative, helped one of our clients to target audience with product video.

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Amazon leaves no stone unturned when it comes to making full use of the digitally advancing era. The business giant introduced its own platform called ‘AMAZON LIVE’ where it promotes its own products and services.


More than half of the credit for the multinational company’s remarkable performance of generating sales up to $53.8 billion in 2019 goes to its unprecedented digital marketing strategy.

If we take the example of the sales for ‘iPhone 11 Pro’, it was entirely marketed through product videos that helped in influencing the decision of the buyers.

With the company’s humungous investments in digital marketing, it continues to be the leading technology giant.


Woo Club is basically a platform for brands, individuals, and marketers to display their product videos on their page. Through every sale made from the platforms, the company generates its income.

With the company’s investments in video marketing, it was able to attract 1800+ users in the first two months alone!


1) Google prefers videos

If your video is appealing enough and has the right amount of customization making it stand out as a product video, google itself will not be able to resist itself for displaying it as its first result.

If we talk about ‘Dollar Shave Club’ and how it went viral overnight, it was all because of Google. The video had set a standard for itself and was therefore in the highlight, was being used as a link for different pages, and brands kept writing about it – making it the top choice of google to show its audience.

2) Videos build up an emotional connection Videos help in conveying information and emotions very quickly. Since it humanizes an experience with the visuals, people cannot help but build an attachment.

Therefore, identifying your target audience and making videos that strike a chord with the viewers help in boosting your business. Here is another example of Ariel using videos to connect emotionally with audience.

3) Videos can be easily shared

Because of the love of humans for audio-visual content, they tend to click and share more videos than textual content. Hence, with an extensive amount of sharing, the outreach and visibility of your product increases making it drive more sales.

4) Product videos also drive conversions

Through this means, the chances of your videos to get highlighted and getting viral increases tremendously.


By taking inspiration from brands like Amazon, Apple, and Woo Club – as an eCommerce businessperson, you must focus on building engaging and appealing videos as per the requirement of your brand.

It is a fact that approximately 83% of businesses claim that the return of investments gained through videos has always been positive for the year 2019 proving what a great tool online sales with video marketing for your eCommerce business are.

Hence, in order to boost your revenue, make sure you invest more of your time in making interactive audience-friendly eCommerce product videos.

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Video Marketing

How to build an e-learning platform?

As a survey, which was conducted by Forbes, the e-learning market will reach $320 billion by 2025. This is the biggest reason behind the rise up of new educational startups with new innovative ideas, features, and capabilities.

In a recent Coursera survey, online education provides more practical knowledge and plays a vital role in developing day-to-day skills about a subject more efficiently than traditional education.

So, what is a way to create a successful e-learning platform? What model, features and investment are required? Let’s find out!

First we need to understand the e-learning platform necessity in the marketplace –

● To fulfil the growing market demand for flexible and continuing education.

● To fill the gap between important skills and varied demographic locations as the new learning modules appear.

● Technologies and the internet have made the same education available globally, and it attracts more contemporary learners.

Next, lets understand what are the basic features of an e-Learning Platform

● User login and authentication

● Filters to search the right course for you

● User Dashboard

● Payment modes

● Course updating and adding option

● Reminders and notification

● Admin panel.

Having known the basics, let’s create a plan!

How to plan and create a successful e-Learning Platform?

# Know your target audience

Before creating any e-learning website, it requires research about your target audience and analysis about your niche.

Which includes:

● target audience age, gender, demographic location, interest etc.

● The subject you want to embrace

● What people tend to learn and have interest

● Field of improvement in learners and their dependency in technologies.

It helps to think and personalize the content which can engage and be helpful for future students.

# Find out your competitors

Once the planning is done, now take a look at your competitors. Check what study materials and platforms they are providing. Analysis of their weakness and strength that would help you to come with the ideas of what you need to implement or what you have to avoid.

To check the reviews and rating about several platforms, you can use:

Good firms

IT firms

# Come up with engaging and contents

An e-learning platform should be a place where everyone can learn. The best UX/UI designs are also worthless if the content is not engaging, and you are not able to deliver what you want to be. Mix the content with text, audio, video, infographics, and slides. Not all people are the same, so this will help them understand the information better.

# Connect with professional online educators

Great content needs great creators to deliver. In our case, the creators are teachers or SMEs(Subject matter experts). You may even want to collaborate with universities or need to look for skilled tutors who love what they do and can create a unique brand image. A masterclass is a well known e-learning platform, and have offered Marc Jacobs, Margaret Atwood, Neil Gaiman and a few other famous personalities to cooperate with them, which turned into a big advantage for them.

# Cost of e-learning

Think about the revenue model while considering to build an e-learning platform carefully. A few platforms may take a percentage or commission, which can be varied according to the participant’s enrolment for any specific course or may charge on an hourly basis.

# Have regular assessments

To make the e-learning more effective, use assessments to track the student’s knowledge and progress. Conduct regular tests and quizzes. Most of the e-learning platforms add pop-up quizzes and questions based on the learned materials after finishing a module. These assessments and analytics or reports show the student’s strength and achievements and help the educator to adjust the learning content. It helps students to learn it at their own suitable pace. (Also see- How interactive videos help to take input from viewers in video itself)

# Certificates

E-learning knowledge needs to be backed up by verified certificates after the course completion. Also, the best performers should be awarded honours. These Positive reinforcements boost student’s self-esteem and encourage them to keep up with the good prospects for the future.

# An excellent UX/UI

Ensure the user interface and user experience fulfil the usability of your e-learning space. It should be easy to access and have a simple page layout. A visitor can find all website elements with ease. It helps students to stick with the site, and they would not be distracted by unnecessary details.

# Feedback and ratings

Give users the ability to share their feedback and share their reviews to know how the platform operates and allow students to rate teachers and study materials. Rating and reviews give valuable insights and help to improve the e-learning space.

# Finally, consider a multi-language approach

If you are looking to grow your platform on an international level, you need to provide users to opt for the preferred language. Stay prepared from the beginning for this; a multilingual website will be helpful.

BONUS TIP – The type of video you choose is a key aspect for an e-learning platform to be successful. Here are the different types of Videos you can create for more Engaged learning


Being a very commonly and conveniently used type of eLearning video, instructor-led lectures, and training method is the most trusted form of video training. They are essentially a video version of a live and in-class instruction.

The videos have an optimal format that supports Lerner engagement, teacher presentation, and provision of supporting slides and screen sharing. This video format can be easily recorded as well.


Demonstrating and showing students the actual way of doing a particular thing is a way more powerful and engrossing alternative as compared to showing static pictures and drawings to train students.


For capturing scenarios and simulations that display various situations a learner may encounter during the course of specific training, videos play an extremely efficient and effective role.

(Tip- See how interactive video helps to create scenarios and simulations)


Learner videos include not only informal training but the professional ones as well, for example, colleagues at work. Students can practice the new skills they have learned through this platform. More of a learner-generated video, these videos are proven to be powerful in both formal and informal fields.

For more information, you can read our blog Different types of Videos you can create for more Engaged learning.

To read more in detail, read our Blog 7 Benefits of Video-based Learning for Students.

As the e-learning demand is rapidly growing, WooCommerce, VooPlayer, and tutor LMS could be at the helm of your e-learning platform to fill in the gaps. So pull up your socks and create your perfect eLearning solution today!!

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Video Marketing

Why video marketing is important for eCommerce?

Video marketing is a strategy used by businesses online to market their product/brand/service in the form of a video.

There is no doubt that in this fast-growing digital world, videos have become a ubiquitous part of our lives. Videos are any day more interactive and memorable than simple text and hence ensure more traffic to your page. It is proven that for the year 2020, almost 80 percent of the internet traffic was driven by videos only. More the trafficking of the target audience more will be your sales, and hence more profitable will be your business.

Listed below are a few reasons for the importance of video marketing for businesses and why an e-retail business gives special emphasis to this particular idea of marketing.


People give more preference to their audio-visual senses.

Hence, instead of reading long and descriptive texts, they are more inclined towards watching a short video describing your product or service. It is a fact that a one minute video is equivalent to 1.8 million words to your audience!

Videos are, in short, more catchy and less time-consuming making them an excellent choice for marketing for offering lead generation.


You may have noticed that in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERP), there is a whole separate column for videos. In fact, if you optimise your video by giving it an SEO-friendly description and title, Google might display it as its top result by giving it a higher preference than any textual result.

Hence, search engines also understand the importance of video marketing and how beneficial it can be to them as it offers a better solution to the search query.


Video marketing gives you an edge when it comes to building trust inside of your

customers. Creating attractive videos that display your vision, mission, and the details of your company help in generating assurance among the audience. You may create testimonials, videos of influencers promoting your product, or have live sessions on social media – all these are some great tools for ensuring credibility and highlighting your brand.

Many e-commerce app have started using videos in place of images, to demonstrate their product. (Like the one in video below. Watch after 30 sec)


With the demand for smartphones increasing day by day, it is evident that your customers are more likely to view your eCommerce business through their phones. Another fact is that with the increase in the number of smartphone users, the engagement of the audience towards viewing videos has increased significantly as well. Therefore, taking advantage of the situation to develop your business and generate greater revenues, retailers must divert their content creating focus towards video making.


Videos have the potential of making your brand popular overnight!

We can learn from the HP company. HP shifted to extensive video marketing during the Diwali season and won the trust and of many netizens during the process. The videos of the company were such that they made people get emotionally attached to the brand resulting in them getting viral on all the social media platforms and flourishing overnight.

If you have a creative and imaginative mind with out-of-the-box thinking skills and professional video editing and creation skills, you can very easily win the hearts of your viewers.


Every 8 out of 10 digital marketers praise the concept of video marketing and are extensively engaged in it. Moreover, more than half the number of marketers say that video marketing is the best form of digital marketing to produce the best ROI.

These are some facts that tell us about the importance of video marketing and how effective it is over any other means of content marketing for your e-business.

Hence, focus on creating attractive and engaging videos for your eCommerce business and see your profits boom overnight!

If you wish to dig deeper into the world of animation and graphic videos, visit – Anemative and get enlightened in better detail!

Video Marketing

Create These 4 Types of Videos For More Engaged eLearning

With the newer and more advanced technological developments in our country, the traditional method of teaching via in-person lectures and instructions is becoming less popular because more accessible and preferable eLearning tools are being launched in the market.

Especially at times like these when the COVID-19 pandemic is exponentially rising and the social distancing culture is becoming more prevalent, it is important for instructors in higher education or trainers in corporate environments to adjust to eLearning methods.

eLearning through videos, in particular, is a way lauded by scholars as it proves out to be an effective educational tool and is increasingly loved by learners who prefer audio-visual methods of learning better than textual descriptions. Since today’s generation has grown up using Youtube, eLearning videos deliver a uniquely immersive and engaging experience for the development of concepts and skills.

However, on the flip side of the coin, watching a dry, hour-long lecture can be quite an exhausting experience. Therefore, to make your recorded content both valuable and interactive, one must adhere to strategies that can help in creating active learning approaches and enhancing the experience of the learners.

Over the last few years, through extensive research, it was finalized that there are generally four types of video formats that assure engaging eLearning and offer a unique experience to the learners as well as the instructor.


Being a very commonly and conveniently used type of eLearning video, instructor-led lectures, and training method is the most trusted form of video training. They are essentially a video version of a live and in-class instruction. The videos have an optimal format that supports Lerner engagement, teacher presentation, and provision of supporting slides and screen sharing. This video format can be easily recorded as well.


Demonstrating and showing students the actual way of doing a particular thing is a way more powerful and engrossing alternative as compared to showing static pictures and drawings to train students. Physical actions to show how things work along with an effective narration can be really helpful as compared to other forms of video teaching and live demonstrations in the person itself.

Through videos, learners get the opportunity to pause, slow down, rewind, and change playback speed according to convenience – every type of individual can be accommodated. In addition, one may change camera angles to get more detailed views for better understanding that wouldn’t have otherwise been possible in case of live interaction. (Also Read: How product videos are driving sales)


For capturing scenarios and simulations that display various situations a learner may encounter during the course of specific training, videos play an extremely efficient and effective role. By viewing their own recorded performance, one may look out for flaws, analyse, and critique his/her own performance with the motive of improvement in the future.

Especially useful for nursing and medical students for patient interactions, preparing students for courtroom scenarios, for teaching new managers soft skills, etc – these videos can be way more effective than real-world classrooms and valuable for making students understand new concepts at a much greater depth to improve knowledge and manifest new skills in them.

(How interactive videos can help you in scenarios and simulation based videos)


Learner videos include not only informal training but the professional ones as well, for example, colleagues at work. Students can practice the new skills they have learned through this platform. More of a learner-generated video, these videos are proven to be powerful in both formal and informal fields. Specially created for higher education framework, through these videos, students can easily learn foreign languages and practice speaking them. Provision for providing immediate feedback for each student is also available, that too in a more convenient way. MBA students from University of British Columbia, School of Business used learner-generated videos for communicating at the workplace and were highly impressed by it.

If we talk about workplaces since social learning is now considered a very valuable and scalable solution for sharing ideas and knowledge. Therefore, subject experts and employees can record themselves demonstrating action and can prevail in the facility of sharing the videos with either the entire team or the organization.

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For the sake of an improved educational system, the evolution of eLearning is crucial. Many educators do predict that virtual reality has a very high scope of transforming the way students learn because by immersing them in actual simulations and experiences, enhancement of their skills is ensured.

Nevertheless, be it any field, video-based learning will always rank number one in the list of the most effective and interactive methods of learning and teaching, not only now but for the years to come as well!