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We specialize in creating engaging, interactive eLearning content that you can rebrand and call your own. With our white label solutions, you can offer top-tier eLearning experiences under your brand name, without the hassle of content creation. Let’s redefine learning together.

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Looking for off-the-shelf eLearning Content?

Perpetual Licensing:
Pre-Designed Courses Tailored for Your Brand

At Anemative, we understand that sometimes you need a quick, effective solution for your eLearning needs. That’s why we offer a perpetual licensing model for our pre-designed courses or off the shelf courses. Here’s how it works:

eLearning Content Licensing Process:

Step 1: Explore Our Course Library

We have a wide range of pre-designed off the shelf courses covering various topics. Browse through our library and choose the courses that align with your learning objectives.

Step 2: Choose Your Courses

Once you’ve identified the courses you want, you can purchase a perpetual license for them. This means you pay a one-time fee and the courses are yours to use forever.

Step 3: Custom Branding

After purchasing the license, our team will update the branding of the courses to match your brand’s style and voice. This ensures a consistent learning experience for your audience.

Step 4: Take Ownership

Once the branding updates are complete, you take full ownership of the courses. You can host them on your LMS, distribute them to your learners, and use them as you see fit.

Best Suited for:

Organisations and Businesses: Who require quick, cost-effective eLearning solutions.

Corporate Training Programs: That need standardized courses for employee onboarding or compliance training.

Educational Institutions: Looking for a library of courses that can be used across multiple departments or subjects.

Freelance Trainers or Coaches: Who want to offer additional resources to their clients without the hassle of creating content from scratch.


We deliver content worldwide

Client Testimonials

"It was a great experience working with the team. Our business users were comfortable interacting with the leads directly so I could focus on BAU activities"
Kavitha K
Learning Manager, Crown WW
"Very happy with the outcome, at first when we discussed the pricing and timelines for the courses, i thought it was too good to be true but in a month it was all real!"
Hannah Steele
Director, Fresh Clinics
"You guys are such a great supplier. Very impressed with your work and we have lots more work we want you to do for us."
Lauren S Hockley
Co-Founder, Care Seekers
"Amazing! Helpful, fast, responsive, creative and fun! It was and is still fantastic working with this team. Nothing was a hassle, everything was completed when they said it would be or sooner and to be high standard. Very happy customers here!"
Loren Pettigrew
Founder, Jade Ambition

Why you should partner with Anemative

Globally Accepted

Anemative has partnered with global clients and received positive feedback for creating impactful learning courses that exceed industry standards.

Industry Experience

Anemative's content is prepared by industry experts with over 10 years of experience in their respective field.

Flexible Learning

We understand that different learners have different needs. That's why we offer flexible learning paths that allow learners to choose how deep they want to dive into a certain topic.

Agile Methodology

We believe in the Agile methodology of delivering content, which allows for continuous feedback and adaptation as we understand that creative requirements can evolve throughout a project.


We understand that every brand is unique. That's why we offer fully customizable learning solutions that align with your brand's vision and mission.

Engaging Content

We incorporate animations and gamification mechanics to ensure that learning is an enjoyable experience, not a chore. This helps with knowledge retention.

Looking for custom elearning content?

Bespoke Design: Tailor-Made Training Solutions from Scratch

At Anemative, we recognize that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to eLearning. That’s why we provide custom or tailor-made learning solutions designed to meet your unique educational needs and objectives. From course content to interactive elements, we craft each aspect to align with your brand and goals, offering a truly personalized learning experience.

Custom Learning Development Process

Step 1: Discovery

In this initial phase, we sit down with you to understand your specific learning objectives, target audience, and any unique requirements you may have. We’ll also discuss the scope, timeline, and budget for the project.

Step 2: Storyboard

Based on the insights gathered during the Discovery phase, our team of experts will create a draft version of the eLearning content. This includes the course outline, interactive elements, and initial design concepts.

Step 3: Review, Design and Repeat

Once the draft is ready, we’ll share it with you for review. Your feedback is crucial at this stage, as it helps us fine-tune the content to meet your expectations. Any necessary revisions are made during this phase.

Step 4: Deliver

After all revisions are complete and you’re satisfied with the content, we move to the final delivery. You’ll receive the complete, polished eLearning course, ready to be deployed to your learners.

Best Suited for:

Large Enterprises: That require specialized training modules tailored to their unique business needs.

Banking, Healthcare & Medical Fields: Where specific protocols and procedures need to be taught or policies to be explained.

Technical or Specialized Industries: Such as engineering, aviation, or software development, where off-the-shelf courses may not suffice.

Creative Agencies: That need courses to reflect their unique brand voice and aesthetic.

Perpetual Licensing, Fixed Price, No Revision or Modification Charges

White label plans

Choose our content services with complete confidence with our 100% money back gaurantee

Slide Based Course

  • 1 course Upto 40 slides
  • Perpetual License
  • Rapid delivery in a week
  • Unlimited revisions
Most Popular

Pay Per designer

$3999 per month
  • 1 Dedicated Designer
  • Unlimited courses
  • >30 min Content per Month
  • Video Based Course
  • L2 and L3 Interactivity
  • Unlimited Revisions

Pay per Course

  • 1 course upto 25 mins
  • Video based content
  • L2 and L3 interactivity
  • Unlimited Revisions


Anemative’s White Label Courses are fully developed, customizable eLearning courses that you can brand as your own. They save you time and resources, allowing you to provide high-quality learning experiences without the need to create courses from scratch.

Gamification is adding game like mechanics and experiences to learning courses. It is one of the most engaging form of sharing knowledge where learners can be rewarded for giving right answers, penalised for wrong answers, navigated through an interesting story and so much more. We have created several award winning gamified trainings, check out our recent case study showcase to learn more. 

Timelines will depend on the number of developers working on the training or elearning course. Depending on the budget and timelines we can add or remove number of developers so you feel comfortable working with us. To give some perspective, our personal best is 30 days for 90 mins of fully animated course with 1 developer

We can create courses with or without animation. The different types of courses that we have created include – Infographics, Whiteboard, In Person video edits, live videos etc.

No. Anemative is a team of engineers, video developers and product SMEs who work together to create your online training so you can focus on building your business and sales instead of spending time building the course yourself

We use a mix of different technologies such as After Effects, Blender, Premier Pro, Articulate etc to create courses as per your requirement. We can create a SCORM file as well as direct video files for you.

We understand it can be difficult for clients to plan and decide everything from the very begining so we work in an agile model where the requirements are not locked or set in stone but continuosly reviewed throughout the process. Being in the industry for over 4 years we have never had any instance where our client didn’t love(not just like) what we created but if that happens we have a simple – Full Refund policy.

Yes! eLearning videos with quiz, hotspots for setting up buttons that can be clicked to create interactions and many gamifications are applied in the training videos that we create. Online training video with interactions is the most engaging form of learning that students enjoy!

Yes. We create training content for employees at different stages of their career. Check out our employee learning plans for more details.

Absolutely! Our White Label Courses are designed for easy customization. You can add your branding, modify the content, and integrate them seamlessly into your learning management system.

Certainly! We are happy to provide a demo or sample course for you to explore. Experience the quality and interactivity of our courses firsthand before making a decision.

Yes, our White Label Courses are designed to be compatible with all major Learning Management Systems. We ensure smooth integration, allowing you to efficiently manage and track learners’ progress.

Custom Learning Content Services

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