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Why you need a Whiteboard Animation Video more than ever!

Whiteboard animation is becoming more and more popular in business because of its capability to showcase every piece of information clearly and transparently. Whiteboard animation is a style of video designed to look like the content is hand-drawn on a school whiteboard or white background, giving it an educational look.

Whiteboard animation videos are compelling tools for explanatory videos as it breaks down intricate pieces of information into simpler ones, making it easier and quicker to understand. The simple graphics are fun, engaging and curiosity builders, enabling the viewer to watch the video till the end.

Whiteboard Animation videos are a fantastic means to engage your internet visitor. They also work great if you want to add a little bit of humour or fun, to make your video more entertaining and amusing.

When compared with conventional talking head videos, whiteboard animation has been proven to increase viewer retention by 15%. Isn’t that great! Also, these videos increase the viewer’s willingness to share by more than 65%. Imagine what that could mean for your business!

The benefits of whiteboard animations –

1) Increase Traffic & Conversion Rates

2) They’re versatile. Whiteboard animations are suitable for any topic from educational videos to marketing content.

3) Easy to Understand, Professional results, and Cost Effective

4) Compatibility with new-age device and is engaging & interesting

5) It is easy to consume. Be it students, potential leads or small audience, anyone and everyone can consume it.

Who are whiteboard animations for?

● Sales people and marketers

● Students

● Educators

● HR and internal communications teams

What makes Whiteboard Animation Videos better than other forms of video making?

Guiding tools – Whiteboard animation videos are great guiding tools as it reveals the information step-by-step. The educational look provides it makes it look more credible. Its simplicity is what makes it different from any other form of video making, as it makes the whole learning process fun and more natural.

Interactive and Rewarding – When the viewer sees the video, it is in the form of a story being drawn by a hand. These increases connect and interactivity is built.

Along the course of the video, the viewer is receiving new pieces of information slowly and gradually and not all at once, making the video seem rewarding. The viewer feels that he is learning and acquiring new pieces of information while watching the video.

Holds the attention of the viewer – As the whiteboard animation videos are short and crisp, they do not let the viewer lose interest or get distracted. The step-by-step information revealing process keeps the viewer interested in the video throughout.

When and where to use whiteboard animation?

To introduce a topic: if you want to launch a new initiative, product or subject, whiteboard animation can help. The combination of movement, audio and visuals grab attention and keep viewers engaged throughout.

To explain an idea: whiteboard animations are particularly useful tools to solve even the most complex topics. You can use visual metaphors and infographics to help your audience process the information in terms they already understand.

To summarize information: because it’s much easier to retain information from a whiteboard animation, they make the perfect plenary or revision materials. Take the key points and turn them into a short but impactful video.

To persuade: since whiteboard animations tend to have simpler designs, your message can shine and not get lost amongst stylized graphics.

It’s easy to see why whiteboard animation has developed its genre within the corporate video scene. It’s quite unlike anything else out there and has a visual flavour all its own. Understanding the deeper reasons behind its visual and story appeal helps us develop more engaging content, sharper writing and evolving visual practices for wider future audiences without suffering the stale fate of video fads of the past.

Other effective type of videos include Explainer Videos, 2D Animations, Infographics and Interactive videos.

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