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Let us create YOUR story!

Making a product or service video is not just putting characters and graphics together. Its creating a CONNECTION with your viewers through your STORY.

Explain your product & services with a Video!

We aim to bring a degree of imagination that can engage the audience, allowing them to understand your business better and inspire them to take action.

We have strict quality guidelines and a dedicated team to ensure every video exceeds your expectations and solves its purpose.

Check some of the types of animations we do!

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are short videos that provide detailed information about your company, product or services in a way that is easy to understand and retain. Explainer videos can be created in the following styles –

  • 2D Animation
  • Whiteboard
  • Infographics Videos
  • Interactive Videos
  • Motion Graphics

Have a look at some of our most popular Explainer Videos that boosted the engagement and sales of our clients.

2D Animation Videos

We create 2D animations that are best suited for Cartoon Videos, Animated Comics, Bedtime Stories and Short Films. Also referred as Cartoon Videos, we create them in over 30 languages. Features of these videos include – 

  • Story
  • Multiple Characters
  • Interactive Backgrounds
  • Multiple Human Voiceovers
  • Role Plays
  • Music

Check out some of the great stories that our team has created and get one for you today!

Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard animations are designed to look like the content is hand drawn.

Ideally preferred for classroom teaching and explanations where a lot of text is involved. These videos are useful for 

  • Sales and Marketing
  • Students
  • Educators
  • HR

Check out our samples and let our professional team create an awesome video for you.

Training & Interactive Videos

Education is no longer limited to classrooms. People now need independence and versatility to learn at any moment, anywhere and at their own pace. People posting certifications on platforms like LinkedIn have become a new trend as leading organizations boost their productivity by delivering their educational content through e-learning video courses.

Interactive Video help you to take inputs from viewers in the form of

  • Multiple Choice Question
  • Short Answers 
  • True and False Question and  short quiz. 

Anemative can help you create a great learning plan to bring the best out of your employees or students.

Confused about picking the right video?

Helping clients communicate their ideas, services, products, and building their BRAND

We have created over 1000 videos for clients across the globe from different industries like eCommerce, banking and finances, software and web application, artificial intelligence, digital marketing, textile and handloom, to name a few.  These videos include product explainer video, eLearning videos, companies portfolio video, clients testimonial video, corporate training video, interactive video and others.

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Gather requirements, confirm timelines and start storyboarding

Script Writing and Draft

Based on your requirement we will prepare a detailed script(optional) and share a draft video with you


Full video will be created and submitted for review with a system voiceover


Once the video is approved a studio recorded voiceover will be added to the video and submitted for final review

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