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We are on a mission to revolutionise the process of learning. Our approach blends innovative techniques with practical insights, ensuring every course is not only informative but also engaging and accessible.

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St. Vincent's Health Australia - Case Study

Onboarding redesign

“Anemative has done an exemplary job in creating content for new hire onboarding and our business processes.”

– Group HR Product Manager, SVHA

Image with text St. Vincent's Health Australia case study with video of onboarding solution created by Anemative for SVHA
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eLearning Content Demo by Function

Custom Onboarding and Compliance Training

Every organisation has its unique culture, values, and regulatory needs. Our custom learning courses are tailored to introduce new members to your company’s ethos, ensuring a smooth transition. Simultaneously, our compliance elearning modules are designed to align with specific industry regulations, ensuring your team operates within legal and ethical boundaries. Experience the blend of customization and clarity in our showcased learning courses below.

HR scenario based training

Platform Explainer Video

Industrial Safety Course

Converting a recording to a course

We take the insightful sessions of instructors and refine them into structured, digestible courses. By enhancing recorded videos with dynamic visuals, interactive elements, and clear narratives, we ensure that the instructor’s expertise is conveyed effectively and engagingly. Dive into how we elevate traditional teaching into immersive digital learning experiences. Preview some of our meticulously edited courses below.

Train the trainer session

Dental Learning Course

Interior design tips

Soft skill courses for all levels

Unlocking Potential, One Skill at a Time. From entry-level professionals to seasoned leaders, soft skills are the cornerstone of personal and professional growth. Our courses delve deep into essential interpersonal and intrapersonal skills, ensuring learners of all levels can communicate, collaborate, and lead with confidence. Whether it’s effective communication, leadership, or emotional intelligence, explore our range of courses designed to elevate every individual’s soft skill set. Browse our curated selection below.

Time Management Course

Tips for NOT burning out

Environment Awaress Course

Custom Educational Content

Our educational learning content service offers a wide range of topics, with a special focus on sectors like healthcare. Discover our extensive library, which includes in-depth medical procedure videos, offering critical insights for healthcare professionals. Alongside this, we provide a diverse array of courses covering various industries, from technology to business management. Each course is designed to enhance specific skills and knowledge, ensuring learners are well-equipped to excel in their respective fields. Whether it’s mastering a complex medical technique or honing leadership skills, our content empowers individuals to reach their full professional potential. Explore our courses and elevate your expertise in your chosen field.

Science Olympiad video

Biology: Course on Tissue

Medical process demo

Note: Complying to the NDA signed between Anemative and client, only publicly available and approved elearning content is shared on this page.

Types of Custom Training Content Services

Our Services

1. Custom eLearning Content Development

Engage your employees with custom eLearning courses tailored to their specific needs. Our team of training experts crafts video based courses from scratch, ensuring maximum engagement and knowledge retention.

2. Course Upgrades

Elevate your eLearning and training courses with our advanced upgrades and gamification techniques. Dive into an interactive, video based learning journey that keeps employees connected and motivated.

3. Converting PDFs to video based learning guides

Transform traditional PDFs into dynamic, gamified training modules with VRG. Experience our unique video-based learning approach.

4. Software or Platform Walkthrough and Explainer videos

Specializing in interactive eLearning courses, we also develop custom software platform explainers. With gamification at its core, we ensure swift user adoption. Unlock your software's full potential with us.

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Custom eLearning Development Process


Our team of SMEs will collect all the content and understand the requirements in detail. A highlevel blueprint of the course or training will be shared with the client for review.

Design and Gamify

Requirements collected by domain experts will then be shared with the developers. Content will be created and gamified. Review will be done throughout the design process by internal QA team and client. 


After all reviews are done by client a formal approval and sign off will be collected post which the content will be delivered as SCORM or video files based on the decision made during the discover phase

Perpetual Licensing, Fixed Price, No Revision or Modification Charges


Choose our content services with complete confidence with our 100% money back gaurantee

Slide Master Plan

  • 1 course Upto 40 slides
  • Perpetual License
  • Rapid delivery in a week
  • Unlimited revisions
Most Popular

Continuous Development

$3999 per month
  • Unlimited courses
  • >30 min Content per Month
  • Video Based Course
  • L2 and L3 Interactivity
  • 1 Dedicated Resource
  • Unlimited Revisions

Pay per Course

  • 1 course upto 25 mins
  • Video based content
  • L2 and L3 interactivity
  • Unlimited Revisions

Client Testimonials

"It was a great experience working with the team. Our business users were comfortable interacting with the leads directly so I could focus on BAU activities"
Kavitha K
Learning Manager, Crown WW
"Very happy with the outcome, at first when we discussed the pricing and timelines for the courses, i thought it was too good to be true but in a month it was all real!"
Hannah Steele
Director, Fresh Clinics
"You guys are such a great supplier. Very impressed with your work and we have lots more work we want you to do for us."
Lauren S Hockley
Co-Founder, Care Seekers
"Amazing! Helpful, fast, responsive, creative and fun! It was and is still fantastic working with this team. Nothing was a hassle, everything was completed when they said it would be or sooner and to be high standard. Very happy customers here!"
Loren Pettigrew
Founder, Jade Ambition

Why you should partner with Anemative

Globally Accepted

Anemative has partnered with global clients and received positive feedback for creating impactful learning courses that exceed industry standards.

Industry Experience

Anemative's content is prepared by industry experts with over 10 years of experience in their respective field.

Flexible Learning

We understand that different learners have different needs. That's why we offer flexible learning paths that allow learners to choose how deep they want to dive into a certain topic.

Agile Methodology

We believe in the Agile methodology of delivering content, which allows for continuous feedback and adaptation as we understand that creative requirements can evolve throughout a project.

Full Customisation

We understand that every brand is unique. That's why we offer fully customizable learning solutions that align with your brand's vision and mission.

Fixed Price

We do not charge extra for changes and corrections so your budget is secure – no surprises, no blown-up costs, just the perfect solution tailored to your needs.


Answer: Custom elearning content development involves creating tailored educational materials that align specifically with your organization’s goals and learning objectives. At Anemative, we specialize in designing and developing customized elearning solutions that cater to the unique needs of each client, ensuring a more effective and engaging learning experience.

Answer: Elearning content providers like Anemative(us) enhance learning by creating interactive and immersive content. Our expertly crafted materials are designed to engage learners, facilitate better knowledge retention, and make learning more accessible and flexible for various learning styles.

Timelines will depend on the number of developers working on the training or elearning course. Depending on the budget and timelines we can add or remove number of developers so you feel comfortable working with us. To give some perspective, our personal best is 30 days for 90 mins of fully animated course with 1 developer

We can create courses with or without animation. The different types of courses that we have created include – Infographics, Whiteboard, In Person video edits, live videos etc.

No. Anemative is a team of engineers, video developers and product SMEs who work together to create your online training so you can focus on building your business and sales instead of spending time building the course yourself

We use a mix of different technologies such as After Effects, Blender, Premier Pro, Articulate etc to create courses as per your requirement. We can create a SCORM file as well as direct video files for you.

We understand it can be difficult for clients to plan and decide everything from the very begining so we work in an agile model where the requirements are not locked or set in stone but continuosly reviewed throughout the process. Being in the industry for over 4 years we have never had any instance where our client didn’t love(not just like) what we created but if that happens we have a simple – Full Refund policy.

Yes! eLearning videos with quiz, hotspots for setting up buttons that can be clicked to create interactions and many gamifications are applied in the training videos that we create. Online training video with interactions is the most engaging form of learning that students enjoy!

Yes. We create training content for employees at different stages of their career. Check out our employee learning plans for more details.

Answer: Our elearning services stand out because they are video based, fixed priced, and due to our commitment to quality and customization. We don’t just provide generic content; we work closely with you to understand your specific needs and develop custom learning content that is not only informative but also engaging and relevant to your audience.

Answer: Quality is at the core of everything we do at Anemative. Our elearning content development process includes rigorous research, expert input, and thorough testing to ensure that all materials are up-to-date, accurate, and of the highest standard.

Answer: Investing in custom learning content offers numerous benefits, including tailored learning experiences that align with your specific business objectives, increased learner engagement, flexibility in content delivery, and improved training outcomes. Custom content ensures that your team is learning exactly what they need to succeed.

Custom Learning Content Services

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