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Our tailored video guides ensure your HR, managers, and employees master Workday with ease. No extra software, no recurring fees, no data risk—just impactful learning hosted on your existing platforms.

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Use Cases for Workday Video Guides

Anemative has revolutionized the internal Workday Training process with Video Reference Guides (VRGs). With interactive videos that include real-life scenarios and HR-specific challenges, VRGs offer a fun and engaging way for employees to master Workday transactions and excel in their roles. Curious about how we do it? Here are some of the many use cases…

New employees are introduced to the organization’s culture, processes, and tools in an engaging manner through our custom designed video based onboarding guide. This ensures they feel welcomed, informed, and ready to contribute from day one. Don’t just take our word for it; read our case study on our collaboration with St. Vincent Health Australia to see the transformative impact.Our onboarding video guides provide a step-by-step walkthrough, helping new starters like complete their onboarding efficiently, ensuring they feel welcomed and well-informed. 

Ever accidentally “terminated” an employee when you just wanted to transfer them to a different company within the organisation? Oops! We’ve seen it happen. Transitioning roles within an organisation can be a complex task. Our video guides simplify the “Change Job” HR Training process in Workday, ensuring that whether it’s a lateral move, promotion, or departmental shift, every detail is addressed. Employees and HR teams can navigate the multiple options Workday offers with ease, ensuring timely and accurate role transitions. 

In dynamic work environments, employees often wear multiple hats. Our “Additional Jobs” video guides streamline the process of assigning and managing multiple roles within Workday. If you’ve ever tried to terminate instead of ending an additional job, you’re not alone. Our guides demystify the process, ensuring HRs handle multiple roles with finesse and accuracy.

Duplicate job profiles? Variations of the same role? Sounds like a recipe for confusion. We’ve been there, and we’ve got the solution. Our video guides will help HR teams streamline job profiles, eliminating redundancy and the overhead of maintenance. No more double trouble!

Role reassignments missed? Security impacts overlooked? Terminating and rehiring on the same day? Sounds like a whirlwind of chaos. A smooth offboarding process is crucial for both the departing employee and the organisation. Our video guides cover the A to Z of offboarding in Workday. From handling final settlements and benefits to ensuring a seamless handover of responsibilities and company assets, we’ve got it covered. After all, goodbyes should be sweet, not bitter.

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St. Vincent's Health Australia - Case Study

Onboarding redesign

We developed interactive video guides that provided clear, step-by-step instructions for every aspect of the onboarding journey.

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While Workday, being a SaaS product, may undergo changes in its functions and features, the core concepts and fundamentals remain consistent. In our learning guides, we separate the conceptual explanations from screen recordings. This way, if there are any changes in the future, clients can easily update the screen recordings themselves while the core concepts remain intact. We recommend designing all learning guides at once to maintain consistency and relevance.

During our contracted period, we do not charge for any updates or changes to the learning guides. Even after the contract ends, we offer updates at very competitive rates, ensuring our clients always have the most up-to-date content.

Timelines will depend on the number of designers working on the training or learning course. A 20-25 min course is ideally delivered in 1 month with 1 designer.

Yes! Online training video with interactions and gamification is the most engaging form of learning that learners can enjoy! Check out some samples we have recently created for our clients – click here

We utilize advanced AI for voiceovers, ensuring consistency and clarity in the audio content. This method also allows for easy updates or changes to the content. Traditional challenges, like a voiceover artist leaving, are eliminated, ensuring a seamless experience for our clients.

Absolutely! We can provide EIBs (Enterprise Interface Builder templates) to help structure your training content within Workday, ensuring a streamlined and organized learning experience for your users.

Our team collaborates closely with your HR and Workday specialists to understand your unique processes and challenges, ensuring the content is tailored to your needs.

No, our video guides are videos and SCORMS that can be uploaded to your existing LMS. 

No, our pricing model is based on a one-time investment. There are no hidden or recurring fees.

We have contracted Workday experts who have extensive experience in creating tailored learning content for various organizations.

Of course! We’d be happy to provide a demo or showcase some of our previous work to give you an idea of the quality and style of our video guides. Check our case study with St. Vincent Health Australia

Yes. Check out eLearning page to know about all our services.

Video Guides for Workday

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