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How Product Videos Are Driving Sales For eCommerce!

Who can forget the overnight success of HP during the Diwali season when it had launched an emotional video that touched people’s hearts emotionally leading to an extensive sale of its products.

This is the kind of impact product videos can have on eCommerce for driving sales!

The beauty of product videos is that they help generate confidence in the customer’s buying decisions. As a product video gives a demonstrative visual tool of your product or service, it makes it very convenient for the customers to get to know about each and every aspect of it virtually without actually visiting the store.

The motive behind these videos is just to humanise a virtual experience by becoming more interactive and engaging with the audience. Undoubtedly, with an eCommerce business, using professional videos to drive sales becomes a must.There are several videos that you can think of creating and through that, flourish your business such as –

Product explainer videos – To demonstrate and explain the working and use of your product and give a brief overview of it.

Testimonial videos – The videos talk about the experience of your past buyers with the product in a positive way to basically inculcate the trust of your audience

Storytelling videos – These videos test your creativity as through them you narrate the story behind your idea of selling the product, the challenges faced by you, what future do you see for yourself, and similar discussion topics. Story-telling videos are a great tool to form an emotional connection with your buyers. Here is one example, how we, Anemative, helped one of our clients to target audience with product video.

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Amazon leaves no stone unturned when it comes to making full use of the digitally advancing era. The business giant introduced its own platform called ‘AMAZON LIVE’ where it promotes its own products and services.


More than half of the credit for the multinational company’s remarkable performance of generating sales up to $53.8 billion in 2019 goes to its unprecedented digital marketing strategy.

If we take the example of the sales for ‘iPhone 11 Pro’, it was entirely marketed through product videos that helped in influencing the decision of the buyers.

With the company’s humungous investments in digital marketing, it continues to be the leading technology giant.


Woo Club is basically a platform for brands, individuals, and marketers to display their product videos on their page. Through every sale made from the platforms, the company generates its income.

With the company’s investments in video marketing, it was able to attract 1800+ users in the first two months alone!


1) Google prefers videos

If your video is appealing enough and has the right amount of customization making it stand out as a product video, google itself will not be able to resist itself for displaying it as its first result.

If we talk about ‘Dollar Shave Club’ and how it went viral overnight, it was all because of Google. The video had set a standard for itself and was therefore in the highlight, was being used as a link for different pages, and brands kept writing about it – making it the top choice of google to show its audience.

2) Videos build up an emotional connection Videos help in conveying information and emotions very quickly. Since it humanizes an experience with the visuals, people cannot help but build an attachment.

Therefore, identifying your target audience and making videos that strike a chord with the viewers help in boosting your business. Here is another example of Ariel using videos to connect emotionally with audience.

3) Videos can be easily shared

Because of the love of humans for audio-visual content, they tend to click and share more videos than textual content. Hence, with an extensive amount of sharing, the outreach and visibility of your product increases making it drive more sales.

4) Product videos also drive conversions

Through this means, the chances of your videos to get highlighted and getting viral increases tremendously.


By taking inspiration from brands like Amazon, Apple, and Woo Club – as an eCommerce businessperson, you must focus on building engaging and appealing videos as per the requirement of your brand.

It is a fact that approximately 83% of businesses claim that the return of investments gained through videos has always been positive for the year 2019 proving what a great tool online sales with video marketing for your eCommerce business are.

Hence, in order to boost your revenue, make sure you invest more of your time in making interactive audience-friendly eCommerce product videos.

Still curious about the functioning and creation of attractive videos for your eCommerce business?

Visit – Anemative and explore to know more!

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